Variational Inference | Evidence Lower Bound (ELBO) | Intuition & Visualization

Published on April 7, 2022

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In real-world applications, the posterior over the latent variables Z given some data D is usually intractable. But we can use a surrogate that is close to it. How do we optimize for it? Here are the notes:

Here is the link to the interactive elbo plot:

If you want to run the Python script yourself which requires you to have streamlit, plotly and TensorFlow Probability installed, you can find it here:


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00:00 Introduction
00:54 Problem of intractable posteriors
02:10 Fixing the observables X
02:29 The “inference” in variational inference
03:29 The problem of the marginal
05:06 Remedy: A Surrogate Posterior
06:11 The “variational” in variational inference
06:38 Optimizing the surrogate
08:47 Recap: The KL divergence
09:42 We still don’t know the posterior
10:35 Deriving the ELBO
15:17 Discussing the ELBO
17:59 Defining the ELBO explicitly
18:24 When the ELBO equals the evidence
18:56 Equivalent optimization problems
20:38 Rearranging for the ELBO
21:08 Plot: Intro
22:32 Plot: Adjusting the Surrogate
24:02 Summary & Outro

Hidden Divergence Stochastic

Hidden Divergence Stochastic, Variational Inference | Evidence Lower Bound (ELBO) | Intuition & Visualization.

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Variational Inference | Evidence Lower Bound (ELBO) | Intuition & Visualization, Get trending complete videos about Hidden Divergence Stochastic.

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