Top 3 Stocks To SWING TRADE NOW | Stocks To Swing Trade March 2021

Published on April 21, 2021

Trending high defination online streaming highly rated Trading Plan, Determining Market Cycles, and What’s Swing Trading, Top 3 Stocks To SWING TRADE NOW | Stocks To Swing Trade March 2021.

In the video I go over the top three stocks to swing trade right now along with 3 more i find value in. With the markets volatile and prices fluctuating it is a perfect time to swing trade these three stocks. I go over the three stocks, my entry and exit strategy on them and how much of a return they offer.
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First stock is Tesla (TSLA)- This is a stock that had a pull back, I see a lot of potential in it as a great swing trade to take during the month of March. With TSLA I am buying this stock below $665 and taking my profit at $780. This offers a return on investment of 17.7%.

Second Stock is Foot Locker (FL)- Footlocker is a great stock to hold for the long-term as well. This stock I am buying below $45.75 and selling when it goes above $53 this offers a return of about 16% return on investment!

Lastly I am swing trading Nio (NIO)- Nio is a great car manufacturer out of China for electric vehicles. This stock I am buying below $45 and selling when it goes above $58 this offers a return of about 30% return on investment!

Tesla(TSLA), Footlocker (FL), Nio (NIO) are all great stocks and now is the time to take advantage and make money from these stocks! What stocks are on your watchlist? What stocks are you swing trading? Comment them below!!

The additional three stocks i am looking at are Zoom (ZM) $350-$415, Dropbox (DBX) $21.90-$23.80, and lastly AMD (AMD) $86-$94.

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What's Swing Trading

What’s Swing Trading, Top 3 Stocks To SWING TRADE NOW | Stocks To Swing Trade March 2021.

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Top 3 Stocks To SWING TRADE NOW | Stocks To Swing Trade March 2021, Watch new videos related to What’s Swing Trading.

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