HIGHEST PROFIT Trading Strategy On YouTube Proven – MTF Indicator + MACD

Published on May 2, 2022

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Today we are going to be testing another tradepro strategy. The highest profiting trading strategy proven 100 trades on YouTube. To do this we will be looking for a divergence in the MACD and The MTF EMA 15 minute to be above the 1 hour MTF EMA

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MACD Divergence + MTF Indicator / EMA by @DaviddTech

Long :
Find Divergence in the MACD line
Multi Time Frame EMA 50 15 minutes above Multi Time Frame EMA 50 60 minutes
MACD and Signal line are below the 0 line
MACD crosses above the Signal line

Short :
Find Divergence in the MACD line
Multi Time Frame EMA 50 15 minutes below Multi Time Frame EMA 50 60 minutes
MACD and Signal line are above the 0 line
MACD crosses below the Signal line

EMA usages instead.
I found that as a strategy this could work better with the 200 EMA line.
Trends reversals also gave good results.

Trend Reversals :
Price is below EMA 200 – Take LONG on divergence.
Price is above EMA 200 – Take SHORT on divergence.

** You may need to turn off MTF ema when using the Simple EMA 200

Inspired by the YouTube backtest : HIGHEST PROFIT Trading Strategy On YouTube Proven 100 Trades – MTF Indicator + MACD

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Macd Crossover Strategy

Macd Crossover Strategy, HIGHEST PROFIT Trading Strategy On YouTube Proven – MTF Indicator + MACD.

Perfect Storm Of Trading

The second indication is the pivot point analysis. The truth is you are going to need to understand that subjectiveness is part of trading. What it takes is that you put in some time and effort toward using simple methods.

HIGHEST PROFIT Trading Strategy On YouTube Proven – MTF Indicator + MACD, Explore most searched replays relevant with Macd Crossover Strategy.

Producing Revenues Using Technical Analysis Trading Strategies

Doing this implies you understand what your maximum loss on any trade will be instead of losing everything. The most effective indicator is the ‘moving average’. It is also essential that the trade is as detailed as possible.

One of the aspects that you need to find out in Forex trading is comprehend the value of currency trading charts. The main purpose of Forex charts is to help making assumptions that will cause much better decision. But before you can make good one, you first must learn to know how to use them.

It is this if one ought to understand anything about the stock market. It is ruled by feelings. Emotions resemble springs, they extend and agreement, both for only so long. BB’s procedure this like no other indication. A stock, particularly extensively traded big caps, with all the fundamental research worldwide currently done, will only lie dormant for so long, and then they will move. The move after such dormant periods will usually be in the instructions of the overall pattern. If a stock is above it’s 200 day moving typical Stochastic Trading then it is in an uptrend, and the next move will likely be up too.

You then need to see if the odds are on your side with the breakout so you inspect cost momentum. There are lots of momentum signs to assist you time your relocation and get the velocity of rate on your side. The ones you choose are a matter of individual preference however I like the ADX, RSI and stochastic. , if my momentum calculation includes up I go with the break..

Concentrate on long-lasting trends – it’s these that yield the huge revenues, as they can last for several years. Rewarding Stochastic Trading system never asks you to go versus the pattern. Trends equate to big earnings for you. Going versus the trend means you are risking your money unnecessarily.

To get the odds a lot more Stochastic Trading on your side, when the breakout begins, cost momentum should be on the increase and here you need to discover about momentum oscillators.

Examine some momentum indicators, to see how overbought momentum is and a terrific one is the stochastic. We don’t have time to discuss it in full information here so look it up, its a visual sign and will only take thirty minutes or two to discover. Try to find it to become overbought and after that. simply look for the stochastic lines to cross and turn down and get brief.

It takes persistence and discipline to await the ideal breakouts and after that much more discipline to follow them – you require self-confidence and iron discipline – however you can have these if you wish to and quickly be piling up triple digit profits.

They are the nearby you can get to trading in real time with all the pressure of potential losses. Prior to you buy any forex robotic, you need to ensure that it is present. What were these essential experts missing?

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